'Breathe Heavy'

Wow I have not written here for quite some time! Not since July! 

Since then, I've launched two new tracks, 'Porsche' (back in November last year) and 'Breathe Heavy' (about two weeks ago). These two tracks were not only sonically different to everything I had previously released, but was also the first time I decided to create a music video for them.

Now being an independent musician, I do not have a huge budget in my hands. Luckily, I know a thing or two about film production/editing and the whole whizz-bang. With both videos I decided to try two different approaches, and if you haven't seen them yet, check them out below!

With 'Porsche' I decided I wanted to tell a story; being inspired by the film 'Drive', I wanted to take elements of that, and combine with a film-noir style of story telling. 'Porsche' is the first part of a story (a trilogy of videos) which I am planning on spreading across the record.  It's moody, dark, and got a very 'indie' vibe to it - and the best part was definitely the 3:30am wake up call for the shoot!... 

And then on the other hand we have the total opposite, both visually and sonically. 'Breathe Heavy' is one of the most 'pop' sounding tracks I've done and the video itself is just a little 'pop-extravaganza'.  The video pays homage to several pop culture references, such as '...Baby One More Time' (Britney Spears) and  'Grease', just to name a few. For 'Breathe Heavy' I wanted to channel a very retro vibe, but 'retro in 2018' (if you can make sense of that). Shooting on a set was very much different to shooting on location; there was so much more freedom in how I could set up lighting, shots, and everything! 

Shooting both these videos was such a great experience that I'm probably going to make that the norm now. Both 'Porsche' and 'Breathe Heavy' are from my upcoming album which I'm planning for a mid/late 2018 release, and these are just a little taste of what you can expect, so keep your eyes peeled!

Till then, stay awesome.

- J

Jeffrey Chan