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Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, singer/songwriter Jeffrey Chan was first drawn to music at a young age when he began taking classical piano lessons. Though it wasn’t until later where he discovered his passion for singing and songwriting; where he began to incorporate his piano skills into his love of contemporary pop music. 

His debut album Spectrum (released in July 2016) explores the multi-faceted nature of love and relationships against an electronic dance-driven sound scape. With it's predominately dance-driven feel, the album draws from influences from his contemporaries as well as incorporating other unique elements.  2017 marked Jeffrey's first shows abroad, playing in both LA and New York at iconic venues such as The Bitter End. 

Porsche, is the lead single from his upcoming sophomore record FaultLine, followed by Breathe Heavy, a retro-pop tinged track as the second single; with the music video paying homage to pop culture from the 80's-90's. FaultLine is a 10-track album which blends together elements of retro-pop, funk, dance, and hip-hop. FaultLine is scheduled for release on August 31, 2018 on all digital streaming sites and retailers. 

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