Spectrum - MP3

Spectrum - MP3


'Spectrum' is the debut album from Jeffrey Chan.

Having worked on the album for the past two years, 'Spectrum' comes after a sold out acoustic show at The Newsagency in Sydney, and a number of well-received live performances. Featuring singles such as ‘Spectrum’, ‘Restart’, and fan favourite ‘Love It’, the album consists of a mixture of both club ready dance tracks and mid-tempo ballads. 



  1. Spectrum
  2. Love It
  3. Part-Time Lover
  4. Restart
  5. Invincible (feat. Rochelle Gomez)
  6. Scream Out Loud
  7. Stranger (In My Head)
  8. Primal
  9. Dancing With My Tears
  10. Lights Out

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